• 1
    Website design and development

    • Complete realization of your web project - from concept to coding
    • Building neat, user-friendly sites¬†
    • Strict compliance to web standards utilizing state-of-the-art technologies
    • Search engine optimized source code
    • Dynamic and interactive features without Flash
    • Optimization for all established browsers and operating systems
    • Dedicated mobile versions
  • 2
    Content management solutions

    • Easy-to-handle content management systems based on open source software
    • Moulding of your data into a consistent information architecture
    • Setup of data bases even convenient for intranet applications
    • Tailored ¬†realization with a suitable CMS (e.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Silverstripe...)
    • Implementation of your draft and identity or design from scratch
    • Multi-lingual websites
    • Consulting and support
  • 3
    Print design and graphics

    • Complete print production from a single source
    • Book and catalogue design
    • Corporate design and logos
    • Infographics and illustration
    • Product photography
    • Image editing
  • 4
    Text and research

    • Fast and reliable processing of text and data
    • Editing and correction
    • Research for background information and SEO keywords